Clay Patterson, ESQ. – CEO of Digital Space Marketing

Marketing Specialist for Cataract Surgeons

Meet Clay Patterson, the visionary CEO of Digital Space Marketing, who specializes in cutting-edge marketing solutions tailored specifically for Cataract Surgeons. With a diverse background in law, web development, and computer science, he brings a multifaceted approach to the world of marketing.

Clay Patterson

Entrepreneurial Beginnings

From a young age, Clay displayed remarkable entrepreneurial spirit, founding his first venture at just 15 years old – C & C Lacrosse Camps. This early success paved the way for his passion for technology and marketing, setting the stage for his impressive journey in the business world.

Building the Future with Digital Space Marketing

As the CEO of Digital Space Marketing, Clay spearheads a dynamic team of industry experts dedicated to revolutionizing cataract surgery marketing. By meticulously understanding each client’s unique needs, competition, and target audience, they deliver tailored marketing strategies that elevate businesses to new heights.

Surviving Adversity, Embracing Choice

Beyond his professional achievements, Clay is also a cancer survivor, having courageously faced and overcome testicular cancer that spread to other areas of his body. This experience granted him a unique perspective on life and the power of choice in the face of adversity.

Passions Beyond Marketing

In his spare time, Clay immerses himself in a range of outdoor activities, including wake surfing, scuba diving, mountain biking, and paddleboarding. He also finds serenity in yoga and meditation while exploring a plethora of subjects like philosophy, astronomy, leadership, psychology, business, marketing, and law.

Notable Accomplishments

  • President of Elevate Orlando’s Young Professional Council
  • CEO/Founder of
  • CEO/Founder of (providing specialized consulting services)

  • Florida Bar Member

Charting New Horizons in Marketing and Beyond

As a marketing specialist for Cataract Surgeons and a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Clay Patterson continues to make significant contributions to the marketing world. His unwavering dedication to innovation and his ability to connect with clients on a profound level are the driving forces behind Digital Space Marketing’s continued success.