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We believe that every cataract surgery patient deserves the highest in quality and safety to achieve a lifetime of outstanding vision.

As part of our mission to advocate for patients to get the best from their cataract surgery, we are constantly evaluating which surgeons in America are most capable of delivering this goal to patients

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Cataract surgeons are one of the happiest surgeons in the world

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We welcome surgeons who are devoted to delivering the highest quality of care in cataract surgery to apply for membership.

If this is you, then fill out our application below, and our team will be in touch with you. 

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Congratulations if you’ve received notification that you’ve been nominated as one of the “Best Cataract Surgeons In America”!

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Best Cataract Surgeons in America

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We take feedback from other doctors seriously. If you have a colleague who you feel delivers exceptional care to patients and is deserving of being named a “Best Cataract Surgeon”, we’d love to hear about them!

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Questions? Comments? Support?

For any questions, comments, or support from our staff, click below. 

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