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Cataract Surgery has advanced tremendously in the past 25 years. Modern Cataract Surgery requires patients to make decisions about how they’d like their vision to look after surgery, and the manner in which their care is delivered.

Our mission is to provide best educational resources about Modern Cataract Surgery to help every patient achieve a premium outcome.

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Who We Are

We are led by board-certified ophthalmologists who are members of the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery and other leading professional societies.

Our goal is for every patient who is considering cataract surgery to have the best experience and outcome for their vision possible. When performed properly modern cataract surgery is a miracle for most patient’s eyesight.

Patients often remark that “they wish they had done it sooner”. We believe every patient deserves this type of experience & result.

We have years of experience specializing in cataract surgery, and we’d like to share our lifetime of knowledge with patients everywhere so they can achieve the best outcome from their cataract surgery possible.

Our Advisory Board

We’re proud to have these nationally-recognized leaders in cataract surgery guiding us and supporting our mission to help patients achieve the highest quality outcomes in cataract surgery that modern technology makes possible.

Dr. Mitchell A. Jackson

Dr. Mitchell Jackson

Dr. William Wiley

Dr. William Wiley
Cleveland Eye Clinic

Dr. Lisa Martén

Dr. Lisa Martén
South Texas Eye Institute

Dr. Jason E Stahl

Dr. Jason Stahl
Durrie Vision

Dr. Luke Rebenitsch
Clearsight LASIK/43 Vision


Dr. Michael Shumski
Magruder Laser Vision

Clay Patterson, ESQ
Digital Space Marketing

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help those considering cataract surgery get the best outcome for their eyesight that modern medicine can offer.

We achieve this by:

  • Providing the best resource on the internet for patients considering cataract surgery.
  • Telling patients exactly what they should be looking for in a cataract surgeon.
  • Using our expertise to provide a directory of the “Best Cataract Surgeon’s in America”

What Is A “Best Cataract Surgeon in America”?

A “Best Cataract Surgeon in America” believes that modern cataract surgery is able to provide patients with better vision outcomes, safer surgery, and improved patient experiences compared to older-fashioned techniques and technology.

These surgeons support our mission of increasing public awareness about the safety and efficacy of modern cataract surgery, advanced technology lens implants, advanced diagnostic equipment, and other advances that provide better vision outcomes, safer surgery, and improved patient experiences. These surgeons pledge to do their best to incorporate modern technologies into their practice with integrity so that they may deliver patients the best outcomes possible.

Badge for Best Cataract Surgeons in America

For eligible surgeons, we charge an annual fee which is used to support our mission of increasing public awareness and generating patient educational content about modern cataract surgery.

These eligible surgeons who align with our mission of being dedicated to higher quality cataract surgery, and are up-to-date with our membership fees are recognized for their dedication to higher quality patient care, and are listed in our Directory.

We believe that for a surgeon to be considered a “Best Cataract Surgeon” they should align with our mission and have a desire for every patient to achieve the highest quality cataract surgery outcome and experience possible.

Our organization believes that there are principles that define what a sufficiently high standard of care in modern cataract surgery should be, and while techniques & technology from 30 years ago may still be in use, we reject the idea that this is still the best way to practice universally.

We welcome cataract surgeons to our organization who are dedicated to the mission of advocating for better vision outcomes, safer surgery, and improved patient experiences. The public should know that surgeons recognized among the “Best Cataract Surgeons in America” by our organization actively support our mission of advocating for every patient to achieve the best outcome that modern cataract surgery can make possible.

Our Editorial Board

Our Editorial Board is made up of some of the most talented cataract surgeons in the country. This outstanding group of surgeons ensures that our website provides the highest quality & most trustworthy educational resources about modern cataract surgery on the internet.

Dr. Kiper Nelson

Dr. Kiper Nelson
Southern Eye Center

Dr. Alanna Nattis

Dr. Alanna Nattis

Dr. Priya Mathews

Dr. Priya Mathews
Center For Sight

Dr. Morgan Micheletti
Berkeley Eye Center

Dr. Anna Edmiston
Clearsight LASIK/43 Vision

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